Social media – A loaded gun in monkey’s hand.

Have you ever shared or commented on any of the posts which defames someone in any way? 95% chances are you might have.

Here’s an example of a post.

Person 1: There is this group of guys who are misbehaving, passing comments, bad gesture, having no manners…. Blah blah blah.

Person 2: They should be thrown out. Show them their way.

Person 3: They are characterless.

Person 4: Good you shared this. Kick their ass. Spread the word and punish them.

Person 5: Blah blah blah

Person 6: Blah blah blah…

And so on.

All the valid points have been shared by the people. No one is wrong in expressing their feelings.

But before commenting, how many of us really verified the news.

Ask a question to those who posted or commented. Were you present at the event?

Person 1: No. I heard from someone.

Person 2: No. I read 1st person’s post.

Person 3: No.

And so on.

Without knowing you defame someone’s character and spoil their future. This doesn’t happen once in a while but on regular basis.  
Take example of Rohtak girls, Jasleen Kaur case, etc. Knowingly or unknowingly you defame someone. And this is because easy access to social media network. You post anything and everything without knowing the truth. Take a while, think, and post. Enjoy your freedom of speech but not at a cost of somebody’s character and career.

Be responsible.