Socially Connected – Socially Unavailable

Are you always connected to your friends? Most of the people will say yes. We always chat. I am always available online. But is this what we mean by being connected?

socially connected

There are various messaging applications available in the market. People are constantly messaging. They have generated the talent of typing without looking at the phone. Speed of typing on phone is 5 times more than typing on the real keyboard. Yes, this is a talent and I appreciate this talent. But when we ask to meet, we get the answer ‘I am busy’.

We are moving towards the society where meeting face to face is diminishing and meeting on Facebook is more prominent. 5 years ago when mobile phone was a just a communicating device in India, people used to ask where are you. I remember saying my friends was lets meet. The question was what’s the plan. And the answer was let’s meet and then we will make the plan. Now the discussion happens is let’s make the plan to meet.

Yes this is the change. Are we really busy or we are just lazy to go out of our air conditioned room. Technology has helped us to stay connected but our social life of meeting the friends in real is like a dream now.

Even if we are at a family gathering, we are constantly on phone and do not concentrate at the event or talk to others. And then we complain about boredom at these social gathering. Facing  the phone is easier than facing the people. One day you meet an old man and your parent introduces him to you as your relative, you will not recognize him. Because the function where you met him was the function where you were glued to your phone. This is very common in today’s generation. I have experienced this personally.

Hence concluding my thoughts by saying Socially Connected is not same as Socially Available. Kindly share your thoughts.


5 responses to “Socially Connected – Socially Unavailable

  1. Well, you’ll recognise him from the photo’s on Facebook.

    It’s a fair question to pose, but the demands of family and work life mean that as opposed to reducing communication, it often brings up the level of communication from what would otherwise be zero.

    • I agree. These social networking sites have helped us connect to people whom we would have never connected otherwise. But there are sometimes when people have time to meet others and still prefer to stay connected to their phones.

  2. I agree with you! This generation we are living in now is socially unconnected. We live in the world of the internet! It is readily available on almost every device imaginable. We can carry it in our pockets, in our hands, take it with us on a hike (Backpack), enjoy it at athletic events, etc. We live in a world where over-sharing is acceptable and we share everything with everyone.
    When I say we, I speak for all people in this day & age. Technology is addictive and it takes an internet outage (which we had last night) to prove it to people. You are correct dear, we are Socially connected, yet socially unavailable!

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