Last man standing

A year, from July 2011 to July 2012 has been the best teacher I can ever have in my life. As there is a saying in Hindi; “Aadmi thokar khaane se hi sikhta hai – A man rises only after he falls” is very much implied in my life. From personal, professional and mental disaster to someone who wants to do something of his own. And that is what I am today.

Personally I have learned that never depend on anybody and trust nobody. No matter even if he is your best friend or a family member. And always keep the relations on their own way. God has created and defined each relation and we all should respect them. Never treat your friend as your family or your family as your friend. They should be allowed to affect your life only till their role is defined. And if they try to interfere in your life, give them the standing ovation of the longest finger.

Professionally I was at a level where I thought I know everything but was working nothing for me. There was something missing, may be the right guidance. I was stuck in a pool of politics. Everything was done as per guidelines, still was not on the lines. The right guidance from few people and their support helped me get back on track and at a level where I can play an important role. I have learned the qualities of leadership from them. Hope to use it soon.

Mental strength has grown almost double. Learned the lessons which life taught me. Waiting to get it all and will be able to screw the case of the person who dares to come in my way.

Must be thinking why the title “Last Man Standing”. No matter who is with me, I will be where I want to be.


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