Emoticons: Emotions or Icons?

Technology have has helped the world at a large. One of which is emoticons. They are the icons that help you to describe or show your emotions while chatting or messaging which you can’t show unless you are in front of the person. This has helped people to express themselves, but the excess use of it has also raised a question in my mind.

Note* in this write up, I am going to use “but” a lot.

Choose your mood

Back to expressing ourselves. Using it regularly doesn’t mean you are really expressive or you are true to the gesture. For example; if you wish someone” good morning 🙂 ” it makes sense. Greeting someone with a happy face. But if you say “I am having lunch 🙂 ”. What does this smile means in this statement.


These emoticons have helped people who are in relationship by expressing themselves to their loved ones. But are these gestures real? You send a laughing emoticon with tears on a joke, but do you really laugh? This emoticon has helped us to express ourselves through technology, but are we real to our own emotions now?

This is not restricted only to emoticons but also to short forms. For example; LOL (laughing out loud) or ROFL (rolling over floor laughing). Do we really roll over floor? I think we don’t even smile or do we? We send angry devil face to our friends, but do we become devil? I know all this is just a way of expressing our feelings. But how true are we to these feelings is the main question. What do you do in such situations?


Share with me if you do this or you hate doing this!


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