Google – The Gurukul

How many of you have never visited Google? I think this is the wrong question. I shouldn’t have even asked this question. Google has become the most important element of our lives. Whatever you want to know, you have only one source of information…Google.

You must be thinking that this is technology and information, why Gurukul? Because in olden days only Guru had the information which a student was passed on. And to seek that information, he had to stay in that Gurukul. This is why I have named Google – The Gurukul.

There is not a single day when you haven’t visited Google. From a student to top management executives, all visit Google for their answers. There is not a single topic on which you won’t find information. And if there is any such topic, please contact Rajnikanth. Keeping jokes aside. There is this huge amount of data stored for you.

If we ask any student about their projects or from where they received the data, unanimously there will be only one source, Google. Forget about students, they have to complete their projects anyhow, but today, even the top executives seek information on Google. For financial analyst, he will find financial statement of a particular company or for marketing; they will search for market research report. This talks about the information part of Google.

What about teaching part? Google does teach you as well. I will provide my example. Being in digital media industry I have to constantly stay update about new platforms of marketing. I cannot find a teacher or a school for every platform. So I visit the universal school…Google. Yes it does provide with the data and information. And also teaches you how to operate that platform effectively. Hence I call it a Gurukul.

Yes I have learned a lot from Google and sure you must also have. It is the universal Gurukul. Please share your views on the post or your experiences of learning something from Google – The Gurukul.


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