Are you comfortable?

How many times have you saidI am not comfortable while doing a task which cannot be avoided by you? Many a times, right? But were you really not comfortable because you don’t know how to do or just wanted to avoid the task because you didn’t like to do?


Not being comfortable is the sign of your growth. I have 2 personal experiences to explain what I mean.


Example 1:

As being a Social Media Marketing (SMM) executive, I always handled Facebook pages and twitter for brands. I learnt a lot about communicating about brands, interacting with fans, etc. But after a certain period  you stop learning new things and become comfortable doing what you are currently doing. Now you know what you are doing, why you are doing, how you are doing, but don’t know till when you are going to continue this. You are comfortable with what you are doing. Nothing new to do, no extra effort. All is going well.


Now what? Are you ready to continue to do this your whole life. I was not. So I started learning about digital ads and media planning. Today was the first day of me making a real media plan. Something extremely new to me. Confused between excel sheets, keywords, CPC, etc. For a while a thought came in my mind, whether am I really suitable for this work. Never been comfortable with working on excel. It has so many functions that if you know it well, your task will be like a cake walk. An hour of work took me a whole day. Another uncomfortable part was accounting. Service tax, commission, tax rate, etc. I am still confused between debit and credit and had to do some complicated calculations. The whole day I was uncomfortable working on the project. But at the end, I am satisfied and more confident about doing something new and a sense of achievement. If I would have stayed in that comfort zone of SMM I wouldn’t have learned something new and could not had an opportunity to grow in my career. Now that I was uncomfortable with excel and accounts, I am trying to convert it into my comfort zone and add another achievement in my resume.


Example 2:

I am writing this post while I am in hospital looking after my grandmother. I need to stay awake the whole night. In the season of summer when the climate is so hot and a tough time in office, you are sure of being tired and need a nice good sleep. And when there is nice air conditioned room, how can one stay awake? Hence I sat on a chair, was not comfortable and wanted to stretch my legs and give them rest. So I pulled another chair kept my legs on it. Now I am comfortable. After a while, I felt so sleepy that it was difficult for me to keep my eyes open. Comfortably sitting on 2 chairs, with my legs stretched and chilled air. But I was on a night duty, had to stay awake. So I removed one chair and was sitting on single chair. Felt uncomfortable, there was no space to stretch my legs. Even though you feel sleepy you can’t sleep. Now that I was feeling uncomfortable, I was achieving my goal. Of staying awake.

Two different examples, one professional and one personal. But both the experiences teach you to be uncomfortable for achieving your goal. You be comfortable and your goal will be uncomfortably away. You be uncomfortable and achieve your goal comfortably.


Are you comfortable? Share your views on my findings. Am I comfortably right?


One response to “Are you comfortable?

  1. Change is Good & It always recommended to explore… to learn something new.
    How About Having Various Comfort Zones…??? Then always entering something alien or Try something that best suits your capacity of achieving/accomplishing.

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