Direct selling on Twitter

How many of you have encountered direct selling on twitter? Have you wondered why they do so?

Because they think direct selling is similar as personal selling. Even I made this similar mistake many a times, before someone tried to do direct selling to me.  I realized it when I was talking about a roller coaster ride in India and someone tried to sell me a free ticket of an American Entertainment Park. Here are some points I think that should be considered:

Direct selling a no-no: Never try to sell on twitter. People on twitter are for sharing information. They never want to be targeted with brands and products. And if they are high influencer than a negative image of your brand can be spread on twitter in no time.

Start a conversation: If you feel the audience is your target group than start a conversation with them. Talking to them will give you useful insights about your brand. That can be used for developing your brand. This will give a positive influence to your brand as well.

Know the background: Even if you want to try direct selling than know the background of the target audience. If a person is talking about a product in India and you try to sell them a product from other country this will definitely create a wrong impression of your brand.

These are few observations from me. If you have more point than it will be great to know. Share them with us in comment.