How and What to BLOG? The first time blogger.

Always wanted to start blogging, but didn’t know how and what to start with. Visited many sites and watched many tutorials on you tube. But being a person from non tech background, feels lost when the video reaches post 5 minutes. By the time you complete watching tutorial, you tend to forget how to start with.

How to Blog? Still remains the question. First thing that comes to your mind is which blog host should be selected.

Here is the list of blog hosts you may find helpful for you selected WordPress because of the reference from my colleague. I still don’t know whether it will make a difference or not by selecting it over others. Here is the link of one of the WordPress tutorial Hope this will help you guys. But found it difficult to actually work on it the very first day. I am helpful to all the bloggers and the tutorials. But I still don’t know how to go about it. Finally decided to go my way. Created an account and got started. It’s just like learning to swim. You can’t learn swimming staying on the ground. You have to jump in the water.

What to Blog? Was another question remaining. So decided to write my experience about how and what to blog. I think these are the questions that are faced by many first time bloggers. So let us try what we don’t know. All of us have to do it for the first time and this is what I am doing. It is the learning that can be learned only after experiencing it. Even I am new and still lot is there to learn. Please give your suggestions so that I can improve my blogging skills. This will help me and other first time bloggers as well.


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